Helping Call Facility

Make Your Customers Happy With Free Helping Call Facility

The phoenixtelco mission is to provide the best and lowest range of call rates with better service. But this does not mean the connections will be slower, here all the latest technologies used that help to connect the calls as soon as possible. If suppose the customers could not able to reach the particular number within a time, then  that call will be diverted to other number automatically which is nearby your particular geographical location. Most of the free based call service and a low rates call service are largely seen in the customer care departments, marketing and other related ones.


Each Call Helps To Earn Money

The greatest part in free numbers is no need to switch into another new number, because in business contact numbers plays an important role. Changing the numbers may provide inconvenience to customers, so on this service without changing old number you just can add 08 or 09 in front of your old numbers. In phoenixtelco they are offering the daily call rates statistical data’s and income data’s; this helps you to learn the importance of the free numbers. Rental or charge for this service will be based on the number type and connection.

Each rental method may carry different types of schemes, based on phoenixtelco only call cost you will earn. That means every time when you get a call you not just going to get a satisfied customers but also money from it. To enjoy this method one need to plan the scheme and register in phone pay plus, there is many more advantages in these type of service number. It is not much complicated process to worry about any company can able to enjoy its benefits.  Call routing is again one of the big advantage over here, to get this option no need pay any extra money it includes in every package that company offers.

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