ppc management

A basic guide to ppc management

Pay Per Click (PPC) also referred to as paid search is a marketing tool offered by search engines. Since search engines are able to direct user traffic by identifying relevant content the user requires, they can also direct users to relevant websites on paid search. On paid search businesses bid for keywords on the specific niche they operate in. these bids can be low or at times as high as $50 per click depending on the competition for the key word in question. When initiating a PPC campaign it is import to follow certain guidelines to ensure effectiveness.

Firstly you should use the relevant tools to identify the best key words to bid for. Once you identify relevant key words you are required to use these keywords to design a compelling ad to post on the search engine. Ensure that your ad is brief and to the point. I.e. the ad should capture your business name and core activity so as to be relevant to users.

Once you get a click on your ad you will be charged. It is therefore important for you to make this click count. Ensure that the link from your ad to your website leads the user to an optimized landing page. This means the landing page should be relevant to the user’s needs. For instance if you are running an online shop ensure that the landing shows the products for sale instead of a log in page. This will give the user a chance to browse through your product listing and decide on what they want quickly and conveniently. This means you will have a higher chance of making a sale as the user has found what they were looking for.

Having a relevant landing page is essential in converting a sale as users will leave your site almost immediately if they cannot find what they are looking for in seconds!

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