Loading And Unloading Is A Major Job Of The Factory

There are small medium and large industries are producing goods and these goods are loaded to send to different parts of the states and capital place. The production is done by the workers and the workers are working in shifts and producing their goods with the automated machines and semi automated machines. These machines are maintained by the factory maintenance department and the department is working hard to do all the works and producing the products with more care even at this time, there would be damaged goods and these goods are condemned by the management and these goods are sent to waste management. Therefore after producing the production, the company places in the stores and store keeper is working hard by sending the goods to the different places. The free loadboards for truckers is really helpful to the factories the reason is the storekeeper is aware what are the goods to be sent and which is the destination for sending the goods. At this time, the company is also receiving the raw materials and these raw materials are placed in the stores in the different department. Even for receiving the raw materials the factory sends the truck vehicles to the sellers place, of course the seller would arrange the vehicle but the expense would be more and that is the reason the factory is sending the vehicle to the buyer’s place to receive the goods at the right time. However the goods must have to be dispensed to the buyers of these goods. The buyer would not be paying the real amount if the goods are received in late time. Therefore the time is very important to the factories.


The large factory needs many truck vehicles, these vehicles are very expensive to buy, at the same time, when it is hired from the truck owners this amount becomes cheap to the factories and that is the reason the factories are entering into the contract with the truck owners and availing the service at the cheap rate. Normally the same distance traveled with the heavy weight would be two times more than the amount paid by the factory; still the truck owners are providing the service because the service is fixed in the long term contract. No truck owners are violating the contract and obeying to the factory according to the needs of the factory transportation and that is the reason factories are making profit money.


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